Press preview for Seica Inc. participation at SMTAi Schaumburg, Illinois Booth # 315

– New Frontiers of Testing –

Seica Inc. will be exhibiting at the SMTAi show held in Schaumburg, IL this year showing our expanding lines of test and assembly equipment and demonstrating new frontiers of testing – the upcoming new strategy in testing and manufacturing.
The new frontiers of testing are faced daily with increasingly complex and challenging scenarios in engineering: the high component density and their presence on both sides of the boards, along with more complex circuits and lack of test points, are in contrast with the needs of the production chain, which requires effective and outstanding solutions.
Unfortunately, the increasing expectations in terms of product quality start out from the time of product development; a test ensuring the functionality of a board brought to market is as important as its fast execution, and when a technological limitation impairs this result, this is an unacceptable!

The Flying Probe Pilot 4D V8 Tester
represents the latest frontier in flying probe test technology – theoretically, a 4 probe tester can measure everything, but its overall efficiency always implies the risk of being “short” of resources and slow.

Instead, a tester featuring 8 flying probes on both sides of the board, doubles the resources available in addition too: cameras, capacitive probes, planarity sensors, led sensors, board markers, and power probes always at hand! The 8 flying probes are also available for additional tests, like power control, on-board programming, boundary-scan test, as well as functional tests and optical inspection but, above all, ensure the full functional coverage in a single test session, with comprehensive diagnostic messages and final data collection.

All this is Seica – Pilot 4D V8.

Dragonfly, the latest product line of Seica, offering AOI solutions for conformal coating and pin through hole inspection. Based on fast and accurate scanner technology, Dragonfly THT allows for indepth inspection of pin through hole device solder joints. Due to it’s innovative design it eliminates the parallax error typical of camera based systems resulting in a perfect tool to be placed after wave or selective soldering equipment. Dragonfly CC (conformal coat) has a similar architecture, but thanks to the additional UV LED light it is suitable to inspect conformal coating on electronic boards, to identify; where coating is missing or excessive, contamination, and impurities. The system is very useful for solder ball detection, thanks to the fact that the system performs a full scan of the PCB under inspection. Dragonfly systems are fully SMEMA compliant and can be available in single side or double side configurations.

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