Press preview for Seica SpA participation at Electronica, Munich, November 8 – 11, 2016, Hall A1, Booth A1-459, New Munich Trade fair.

Seica has just turned 30 and, on the verge of its fourth decade of activity, is presenting yet another revolution in Flying Probe Test technology for electronic boards: the Pilot4D V8 HF, the only flying probe tester able to perform frequency measurements up to 1.5 GHz!.

Leveraging more than 20 years of experience in designing flying probe systems and strong competencies in functional testing of RF products, the Pilot4D V8 HF is an exceptional tool proposed for prototype testing and new product design certification, as well as a new instrument able to characterize high volume productions, monitoring the process as well as the most sophisticated characteristics of an RF product.

The Pilot4D V8 HF combines its high frequency, flying probe measurement capabilities with all the powerful test capabilities of the Pilot4D V8 which include in-circuit, functional, optical, Laser and boundary scan in the same vertical, 12-probe, double-sided architecture.pilot4d_v8_hf-agi_02

Seica will also be showing the newest additions to the Compact line of test systems at Electronica 2016. The Compact Digital and the Compact Multimedia are two new solutions developed to address the evolving test requirements of electronics manufacturing as well as digitalization of the manufacturing process. Thanks to Seica’s open-architecture VIP platform, and an extensive set of software interfaces, all of Seica’s Compact line solutions are able to interact with the most commonly used MES and traceability platforms, and are designed to be fully compliant with WCM criteria for minimizing footprint and easy access for maintenance.

The Compact Digital solution is equipped with a vacuum-type receiver which allows manual loading of the UUT’s but it is designed for easy integration into a line where this operation may be roboticized. The system can be configured with all of the analog resources for in-circuit tests, along with powerful digital channels, extending the range from MDA/ICT and vectorless tests, all the way up to the functional test of complex digital boards.

The Compact Multimedia is a practical and versatile functional test solution configured with all of the resources needed to test multimedia products, such as infotainment platforms in the automative sector. It can be configured to perform single, asynchronous parallel and synchronous parallel tests of up to a maximum of 4 UUTs simultaneously, from very low value signals up to high power, telephone and satellite protocols, Bluetooth, wi-fi USB and digital video. Space in the 19” rack of the Compact Multimedia is optimized to allow integration of numerous resources, with the modularity and scalability to offer the perfect configuration for every testing requirement. The receiver can be manual or pneumatic, and the system can be driven from Seica’s VIVA SW platform, from the NI Labview/TestStand environment or other commercially available software packages.


Seica will also be showing the very successful Mini 80 and Mini 200, very practical solutions for in-circuit and functional testing, offering very small dimensions and attractive pricing for an entry-level ATE investment, or where multiple, reconfigurable stations are needed.


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