Press preview for Space Test Expo Pasadena, May 24-16, Booth 2032, Pasadena Convention Center

JTAG_Technologies_Inside_logoTap Communicator and Raising the Profile of Testability/ Optimise your ATE in the Ramplight

Boundary Scan Market Leader, JTAG Technologies invites clients to join them at the Space Test Pasadena to discuss two hot avionic test topics.

JTAG Technologies offers an extensive range of products that help to achieve a maximum fault coverage and provide pin-level diagnostics. With our products also in-system programming of (c)PLDs, FPGAs and Flash memory devices can be done. Our tools support the entire life cycle of your products enabling design engineers, manufacturing test engineers, production and field service engineers to all benefit from the JTAG capabilities built-in into your systems.

Our tools can be used in stand-alone configurations or can be integrated with other test set-ups such as functional test systems, in-circuit testers or flying probe testers. Also embedded test capabilities are supported and with our patented TapSpacer technology remote testing and programming via the target’s intrinsic communication interface can be supported independent of the distance between the tester and the target system.


TapcomJTAGs TapCommunicator facilitates remote execution and diagnostics of boundary-scan applications, regardless of distance or environmental difficulties. The off-the-shelf system is based on a one gigabit Ethernet connection (IEEE Std 802.3z) providing virtually unlimited range between the controller and target. However, the TapSpacer technology upon which TapCommunicator is based allows any communication link to be used. For solutions using communication links other than Ethernet, contact JTAG Technologies.

The standard system consists of an “uplink” or primary module (JT 2143), located in proximity to the boundary-scan controller, and one or more “downlink” or secondary (JT 2144) modules at the target.

➢ Encodes and decodes JTAG for long distance transmission
➢ Based on TAPS pacer IP/technology
➢ Standard unit is gigabit Ethernet based

Main Benefits

  • Supports use of the existing Ethernet communication channel to a system for remote operation of boundary-scan
  • Allows unlimited distance between target and boundary-scan controller without need for range extenders
  • Overcomes harsh environments and other situations where human access to the target would not otherwise be possible
  • Enables sharing of a single boundary-scan controller or a pool of controllers among multiple production platforms
  • Overcomes range limitations of adaptive clocking techniques
  • Supports all brands of boundary-scan controllers

Optimise your ATE with JTAG Technologies Inside —clients can take a look at the test possibilities that arise from the use of “JTAG TECHNOLOGIES INSIDE” and see the current test methods and possibilities from a different perspective. In their booth JTAG Technologies will display the following highlights from their comprehensive ATE product portfolio:

– ICT, MDA or flying probe systems are quickly and easily upgraded with JTAG Technologies’ boundary-scan solutions. Special add-on cards and software integration suites enable users to benefit from the features of the combined systems.

– Traditional functional tests based on National Instruments’ LabView/TestStand, C++, .net and other programming languages often feature complex and time-consuming test programs. Easy access to assembly via boundary-scan pins can simplify existing test programs and ease diagnosis in case of faults.


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