Press release for Seica Technology Days of Anglo Production Process 13 th -14th February 2018, Birmingham

Seica attended the Technology Days of Anglo Production Process (APP) on 13th and 14th March, an event organized by the Birmingham Company which operates as a representative and provider of products for Electronic Manufacturing in the United Kingdom.

This long-term presence confirms the partnership between the two companies, leading to the success of several application projects for test solutions in that nation. During the two days of the event, Seica has described to the approximately forty attending companies, the capabilities of the consolidated Pilot V84D tester, while showcasing the new Pilot Next line, which further increases the potential of the flying prober of the Italian company.

An interesting exchange of information took place between Seica Experts and the Engineers involved in different areas of the English electronics industry, ranging from consumer to avionics and custom projects. Exploring the different requirements allowed to investigate how the flexibility of Seica Flying Probers makes them suitable for several situations, even meeting different needs arising during the lifecycle of an electronic product, from engineering to manufacturing, but also in the servicing and phase out.

The debates undoubtedly gave challenges and ideas for the development of new capabilities to enrich the features and capabilities of the newborn Next series. Many companies showed their interest towards the Seica tester, suggesting their specific case histories to work on the next future, to appreciate the extent of benefits brought by Seica solutions. In conclusion, the Brexit does not seem to be a problem, neither for Seica, a consolidated global company, nor for English companies.


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