Preview for AdoptSMT Europe at Amper Electronics Show from March 21 to 24th, Brno, Hall F Stand No. 0.02

We keep your production running

Market Leader AdoptSMT will showcase at Amper Brno an array of new innovative products. These products and the service AdoptSMT offers their customers make AdoptSMT’s slogan become true: We keep your production running. AdoptSMT covers the processes of PCB assembly, hand soldering and industrial identification.

Strong growth in the segment of identification and masking
In 2016 AdoptSMT doubled their sales of identification labels and masking labels – for the continuation of this growth and even better support of their customers AdoptSMT has hired more people.

Automated Marking of PCBs without machine investment
Hover-Davis label feeders are available for the most popular pick and place machines on the market. They eliminate the need to invest into a labelling machine or a laser marking machine, the existing pick and place machine can place labels presented by the label feeder like a standard SMT component. The combination of Hover-Davis label feeders and Nortec high temperature labels for auto apply will continue to be the strongest AdoptSMT offering in the field of industrial identification. In addition the 25 years of experience of their new product manager are helping

AdoptSMT to consult even better on the different options to print labels. Customers can purchase ready printed labels or get support to set up their own print center. This can include printers, labels, ribbons, label software as well as validation and verification systems like those that are used to print the ready printed labels.

AdoptSMT is also offering complete solutions for the production of name plates / type labels. By selecting the right materials and printing with thermal transfer the needed durability of the label including the print is ensured. AdoptSMT can supply printing systems to be installed at the customer, blank labels or partially printed labels with suiting ribbons and ready printed labels.
Masking for protection at wave solder or conformal coating process
Masking dots and masking labels of different shapes can be presented by a Hover-Davis label feeder and placed automatically just like identification labels. In addition AdoptSMT is also supplying heat resistant Polyimide masking dots and masking tapes for manual masking of edge connectors, terminals or other areas on PCBs which shouldn’t make contact with the hot solder wave. The dots and tapes can be removed after soldering without leaving behind any residues. AdoptSMT is offering the best prices on the market and can supply many sizes from stock.
Placement Aids by Nortec

AdoptSMT is also supplying special Nortec Polyimide labels, which are attached to the top of irregular shaped components so these components can get picked automatically. These placement aids can be removed after soldering without leaving residues on the components. Nortec placement aids are being used in SMT assembly departments, at tape and reel service providers and at manufacturers of sensors.

AdoptSMT has recently been appointed as the exclusive Nortec Distributor for Slovakia, in addition to their existing Nortec markets Germany, Switzerland, the countries bordering Slovakia Austria, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary and some additional European countries AdoptSMT is serving with native tongue personnel.


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