Preview for JTAG Technologies for SMTA International – Schaumburg, Illinois Chicago, booth # 228, 19th to 20th September 2017

No Boundaries for Boundary Scan

JTAG Technologies return to SMTAthis year to premiere several new hardware products for PCB testing and In-System [Device] Programming and – to showcase their new collaborative product with Altium – JTAG Maps plus various functional tester products.

The Highlights from JTAG Technologies at the Schaumburg event this year:

JTAG Inside – Symphony Serie
The innovative production-oriented solutions on display will include JTAG’s extensive ‘Symphony’ range of 3rd party tester integration products. Use of the Symphony options allows the very latest professional JTAG/boundary-scan capabilities to be added to existing ATE from Teradyne, Keysight, SPEA, Seica, NI and others. JTAG will show you this portfolio in details at the electronic event.

JT 5705/FXT Multi-Function Tester
The latest product on display will be an example of JTAG’s ‘fixture embedded’ test technology – the JT 5705/FXT multi-function JTAG tester built into one the small linear series of cassette-based re-configurable fixtures of Everett Charles Technologies (ECT), a world-renowned name in PCB test fixtures and interface.
The JT 5705/FXT is a compact, single-board test system that supports analog measurement and stimulus, frequency measurements, digital I/O, boundary-scan testing and also in-system device programming. Within the fixture multiple JT 5705/FXT tester cards can be mounted on purpose –
built carriers featuring the ATE industry standard ‘Pylon’ connectors, making test system build a snap.

JTAG-powered PCB tester-programmer the JT 57xx/RMI ‘Combi-System’
A modular concept of a newly designed base-level 19” U rack-mount chassis assembly that can house up to four customer-specified modules offering various JTAG (IEEE 1149.x) controllers, digital IO and analog IO and other measurement features. The modules are either ½ rack or ¼ rack width and are available in different configurations. JTAG will present you the full module range at the show.

Introduction to JTAG Maps – A simple extension to Altium Designer Tool suite

A large number of today’s electronic designs feature JTAG/boundary-scan components that provide valuable test resources during hardware debug, manufacturing test and even depot repair. JTAG Maps is a simple extension to the Altium Designer tool suite that allows the user/engineer to thoroughly assess the capabilities of the JTAG/boundary-scan resources on their design – before committing to layout. Until now engineers could often spend hours highlighting the boundary-scan nets of a design manually to assess the fault coverage that boundary-scan testing could bring a specific design. Today the free JTAG Maps for Altium, application extension, does all this and more, freeing up valuable time, allowing a more thorough DfT and speeding time to market.


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