Preview for Seica SMT Nuremberg April 26-28, 2016, booth # 7A.425

PilotV8_4d-BIn the ramp light : Automation and Industry 4.0 

The theme for Seica at SMT this year will be automation and Industry 4.0. Highlights will include the traditional Compact line of bed of nails and functional testers; the Pilot line, a truly versatile and multi-faceted flying probe system, and the Firefly line, a premier laser selective soldering system.

Seica will be demonstrating process automation equipment at SMT, and showing software and mobile tools that provide ‘real time’ industrial monitoring which can assist plant managers to assess the status of all the equipment in the plant. The Seica systems available in the booth at SMT will be coupled to Seica Automation handling systems, to perform the full automation of the test solutions offered

The Pilot 4DV8 will be shown in a fully automatic batch mode configuration. 3 Magazines racks will demonstrate lights-out automation for customers wanting to test boards in small batches with no operator involvement. In addition, LED testing will also be shown in the V8, where LEDS will be tested for intensity, wavelength, color, and lumens. Seica personal will have mobile devices that will be communicating with the V8 through a Bluetooth link, allowing the plant manager to gain valuable statistics and statuses of the equipment. This is part of Seica’s vision of the Industry 4.0 where the next evolution of manufacturing will take place in a “Smart Factory”.

The Firefly laser selective soldering system will be shown soldering samples. This system is the perfect selective soldering system to do point soldering of very small joints and pads to help ensure no damage is done to adjacent components. Seica will demonstrate the easy-to-use software that accompanies the Firefly and which allows it to be a perfect match for low- and high-mix production facilities. This year, the Firefly will be demonstrated in line, in a batch mode configuration, using Seica Automation board handling solutions to showcase throughput abilities. A magazine rack populated with PCBs will be run automatically into the laser chamber of the Firefly showing hands-free operation. The automation equipment used in this demonstration is just an example of what Seica Automation can offer to the market through the two lines of handling products available: the FLO line of economical, standard, off-the-shelf solutions, and the FLEX line of board handlers (shown with the Firefly), that can be highly customized if required. In addition, Seica Automation now offers a full spectrum of process assembly equipment, including handlers, routers, laser marking, label applicators, press fit, and integrated robotic arm solutions.

The Compact line solutions will be shown as well: the new Compact Multimedia representing the company’s line of ICT and functional bed-of-nails testers, will be introduced for the first time as general purpose combinational solution for audio/video/RF products. Based on the experience of Seica working with multiple automotive players worldwide for more than ten years now, Compact Multimedia is the the new solution including all features for a combined in-circuit and functional test for all of those products where audio and video are integrated with wi-fi, Bluetooth, GPS, GSM protocols. The Compact Multimedia will be shown running both Seica VIVA software and/or National Instruments’ TestStand and Labview software, and a test fixture, also manufactured by Seica, representing a good example of the turnkey solutions that Seica can provide for this type of applications


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