Preview Seica SMTA International show in Minneapolis, November 1-4

Seica will be exhibiting at the SMTA International show in Minneapolis, MN on November 1-4, 2021 in booth 3432.  On display will be our flagship Pilot V8, undoubtedly the most extensive flying probing test platform on the market.  This system will be demonstrating full In-circuit testing as well as on-board programming, using Seica’s innovative Device Clip programmer and integrated Flypod option, which ensures quick, reliable connection to any connector or programmable device on the DUT. To enhance test coverage where traditional ICT test methods may not be used, the Flypod can also provide access to the DUT for 3rd party Boundary Scan test solutions, to perform cluster tests and run BSD files. The system on display will also showcase its power up test capability, which enables many additional test techniques to be applied, such as LED testing. In addition, Seica’s  QuickTest software environment allows the user to easily generate and incorporate functional test routines within full ICT test programs. 

At Seica, unique and unusual solutions are standard, and the Pilot Next line of flying probe testers is proof of this concept: whether the need is to test very, very large PCBs, or to test probe cards where pad sizes are less than 32 microns, or even for high frequency tests ranging over 4 Ghz, Seica has a unique, but standard solution. And not only for board test: let’s not forget about the EV market, where Seica has developed its 2nd generation flying prober, the Pilot BT, for high throughput testing of EV battery pack assemblies.

Stop by our booth and talk to the leading flying probe test experts about how the Pilot V8 or other configurations in Seica’s Pilot line can help with your product validation, prototype and production test requirements. 


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