PROMATION Inc. wins Best New Technology Award at SMTAi

A leader in the field of PCB Handling Equipment, Robotic Soldering Systems, Automated Label Placement, Laser Mark, and other complimentary products; PROMATION Inc. announced the company was awarded the Best New Technology award at the 2016 SMTAi trade show by Global SMT Magazine (Soldering).global-smt-interview-2016

The IS-4000 series, Robotic Soldering Work Cell won this prestigious award based upon technology, innovation and ROI. This series offers exceptional performance and value for an in-line hot iron soldering work cell and sets a new standard for fully integrated soldering robots. Constructed on a welded steel frame, the work cell boasts a 4 axis Cartesian robot, dual stop steel roller chain conveyor, 150 watt power supply (with super-fast thermal feedback loop), positive tip location/correction, conveyor width conveyor, positive “twist and lock” black chrome solder tips, auto solder feeder with wire perforation, and mesh tip cleaning and rotary brush cleaning station for superior soldering results. The precision Cartesian robot uses dual servos to direct the tip to the exact solder joint location every time. Soldering programs can be established quickly through the use of a detachable control pendant, high resolution witness camera and huge process viewing monitor (mounted on the front panel of the work cell).2016-smtai-awards

Gary Goldberg, President and CEO PROMATION Inc. stated “Our focus for the remainder of 2016 and all of 2017 is to continue to offer soldering solutions that offer exceptional value backed by great customer support. For over the past fifteen years PROMATION has been a leader in PCB handling systems and is now making an impact in the field of Robotic Soldering.”

For more information about PROMATIONUSA please contact us at 262-764-4832 or visit our web site at and see why more manufacturers are choosing PROMATION.


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