R&D VaporTech to show the redesigned RD52 inline vapor phase reflow system at APEX

R&D VaporTech, a subsidiary of IBL Technologies, LLC, will showcase the newly redesigned RD52 Inline Vapor Phase Reflow System in Booth #1237 at the 2017 IPC APEX EXPO, scheduled to take place Feb. 14-16, 2017 at the San Diego Convention Center in Calif. Among other enhancements, the redesigned system offers enhanced profiling and communication capabilities with a multi-zone convected preheat section and multiple vapor preheat settings.

The RD52 was designed to accommodate medium volume multi-shift production and medium to large-sized products in a left-to-right fully automated product flow. This unit allows any company, regardless of size, to produce products of the highest quality.

The RD52 provides consistent, uniform and reliable heat transfer for high quality reflow. With a working envelope of 20″ L (500 mm) x 18″ W (450 mm) x 1.5″ H (40 mm), the RD52 features a three stage inline conveyor system that allows fully automated left-to-right product flow.

R&D VaporTech has realized a reduction of 25 percent fluid fill requirement over the previous model as well as reducing its energy use. The RD52 features onboard working fluid filtration as well as an auxiliary holding tank. Additionally, three-level password protection, recipe storage, and a full graphics touch screen OIT have been integrated for user-friendly programming and operation.

R&D VaporTech offers a full line of single vapor batch and inline type reflow systems.



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