Rehm successfully participates in CEIA conference in China

Rehm Thermal Systems has expanded strongly in eastern and northern China over the past decade. The proportion of electronic component manufacturers is particularly high there, and Rehm is operating successfully. The company’s many years of SMT manufacturing expertise was recently communicated by Wang Yu, Sales Director of Rehm Eastern and Northern China, at the China Electronic Intelligent Automation (CEIA) Forum in Qingdao.

A look at the expert forum

More than 200 PCB manufacturing, consumer electronics, medical electronics and aerospace experts attended the event. Wang Yu’s technical lecture dealt with the use of void-free soldering technology with Rehm soldering systems. The ultimate goal is to reduce the void rate to a minimum during the production process and further improve end product quality. Lower void rates can be achieved with soldering processes only where the molten solder is subjected to a vacuum, thus facilitating the escape of any residues remaining in the soldering joint. Rehm Thermal Systems offers this process with the VisionXP+Vac for convection soldering and the CondensoX series for condensation soldering.

Technical lecture by Wang Yu

The regular exchange of knowledge and experience with industry colleagues is becoming ever more important in China too. Rehm participates in numerous trade fairs and events with experts and accompanies specialist seminars with lectures on the topic of soldering.


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