Saki demonstrates range of 2D and 3D AOI systems at NEPCON Korea, Booth X133

Technical experts help you match the AOI system to your application

de7c3b3a-f169-4ad2-b6e3-ede052bbe5e7Saki Corporation, an innovator in the field of automated optical inspection equipment, will demonstrate 2D and 3D automated optical inspection (AOI) systems at NEPCON Korea 2016, COEX, Seoul, Korea, from April 6-8 at booth X133. Technical experts will help assess the correct AOI solution for specific inspection and measurement needs.

“Saki led the industry with 2D line-scan AOI over 21 years ago and has recently introduced the most advanced, flexible, easy-to-program and debug 3D AOI system,” said Kim Kyu-Seob, manager of Saki Korea. “Whether you need to do a simple inspection or require the algorithms and advanced tools, dual lanes, XXL capability, and side cameras to ensure a false call rate of

On display will be Saki’s:

BF-3Di-L1 3D AOI System – This newly introduced system provides measurement of components with a height range from 0-20mm, achieving 1-micron height resolution. The new positioning system is 50% faster than Saki’s previous 3D machine for an increased throughput of 15%. The camera and lighting systems capture extremely clear, detailed images with no shadowing for inspection of the most difficult defects, such as lifted leads, tombstones, reversed polarity, and height variations.

BF-Planet XII 2D Inline AOI System – Uses a large-size telecentric lens optical system for accurate and stable inspection results with 10µm resolution. The machines correct brightness over the whole sample and compensate position aberrations in real time while the image is scanned. A variety of algorithms and lighting types are available. It offers multiple data handling capabilities such as switching settings by barcode reading and data output to a customer’s data server.

BF-Sirius 2D Desktop AOI Series – This offline inspection system directly contributes to improving line productivity with shorter tact time. The Sirius series offers the same optical system and capabilities as the BF-Planet XII series.

For more information contact Saki Korea at +82-(0)31-337-6677, email, or visit our website.


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