Session 2 of SMTA Europe’s Harsh Environments Conference to focus on reliability

SMTA Europe announces Session 2 Technical Program on Reliability of Soldered Alloys at the “Electronics in Harsh Environments Conference” to be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on April 25th, 2018.

Improved die attach alloys that achieve high reliability in power electronic devices exposed to harsh environments are needed. Suresh Telu will present the use of micro-alloying additives that modify bulk allow properties, solderability and solder joint strength. The research finds that micro-alloying additions reduce creep and fatigue life as compared to high Pb alloys.

With the increase electrification of automotive drive train, autonomous vehicles and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assist Systems), reliability drivers have intensified. Karthik Vijay of Indium Corporation will present on a novel solder alloy that exceeds performance requirements as compared to SAC305 alloys. Research finds better creep resistance and improved fatigue resistance during thermal cycling.

Voiding within the solder joint is a concern on electronics used for automotive, power electronics, LED, electrical conductivity and thermal dissipation performance. Emmanuelle Guene of Inventec Performance Chemicals will present on low voiding lead-free solder paste for high reliability applications. Reliability data using IPC Test Methods and the Bono test data will be presented.


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