SHENMAO exhibits at SEMICON WEST July 11-13, 2017 booth # 5716 introduces new low residue liquid flux SMF-B51

SHENMAO Technology. Inc. introduces New Generation Ultra Low Residue Liquid Flux SMF-B51 with superior spray uniformity, excellent soldering performance and a wide process window for Chip Scale and Fan Out Wafer Level Packaging.

SHENMAO introduces New Generation Lead-free Solder Paste PF606-P140 and Zero-Halogen Lead-free Solder Paste PF606-P245 with a wide process window, superior print and solderability to solve Head on Pillow issues and improve ICT testability, easily fit into complicated PCB designs through excellent convergence performance.

SHENMAO BGA Solder Spheres for PBGA, CBGA, TBGA, CSP and Flip Chip Assemblies are made by UMT (Ultra Micron Technology) from highly pure metals produced to various exact Alloy compositions using Piezoelectric Droplet Jet Technology in high volumes to accurate diameter uniformity, bright shiny surface finishes and high-quality sphericity. Various diameters (0.76, 0.65, 0.64, 0.5, 0.45, 0.4, 0.3, 0.25, 0.2, 0.15, 0.1, 0.09, 0.08, 0.075, 0.07, 0.06, 0.055 and 0.05 mm Dia.- 0.045 and 0.040 mm Dia. are in development) are available in SAC305, SAC405 and SAC1205 Alloys at affordable low cost from 10 worldwide SHENMAO locations.

As the World’s Major Solder Materials Provider, SHENMAO produces SMT Solder Paste, Wave Solder Bar, Cored Solder Wire and Flux, Solder Preforms, Semiconductor Packaging Solder Spheres, Wafer Bumping Solder Paste, Dipping Flux and PV Ribbon.


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