SHENMAO features solder preforms at IPC APEX 2016

ShenmaoSHENMAO Solder Preforms offer accurate solder deposition for various soldering processes. Reel packaged Solder Preforms provide opportunity for automation and efficient application to supplement solder when insufficient quantity solder paste is provided by design.

Custom Material may be formulated to unique material and dimensional requirements.

SHENMAO recently expediently solved an insufficient solder issue problem experienced by a major Electric Automobile Manufacturer that prevented a costly potential field repair.

As the Worlds Major Solder Materials Provider, SHENMAO produces SMT Solder Paste, Laser Soldering Paste, Wave Solder Bar, Solder Wire, Solder Preform, Package on Package Solder Paste, Bumping Solder Paste, Low Temperature Solder Paste, Semiconductor Packaging Solder Spheres, Liquid Flux, Paste Flux and PV Ribbon.


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