Show review: SMT/Hybrid/Packaging Attracts High-Quality Visitors

SMT/Hybrid/Packaging 2018 closed its doors on June 8th after yet another successful three-day event. The exhibition hosted 343 exhibitors, occupying 12,000 ft sq. with around 12,000 visitors attending the annual exhibition and conference.

The overall theme this year was ‘connectivity’. It was evident everywhere you looked, from the equipment on the show floor displaying The Hermes Standard logos, to equipment participating in the CfX live demonstrations and the Future Packaging line showing the latest equipment to make electronics manufacturing easier and more productive.

Presided over a series of excellent panel discussions on a series of in-depth topics, which included Smart Factory Integration, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality in the factory and much more. You can view the panels and other videos on the Global SMT & Packaging website:

On the show floor, Optical Control demonstrated a new loader and unloader system, designed to automate the flow of reels into their automatic component counter using a robotic arm and spring loaded magazine system.

Making their European debut, Metcal displayed a range of tools for soldering and desoldering fine pitch components such as such as 0402, 0201 and 01005s. Metcal also showed their connection validation platform that monitors the phase shift at the inter-metallic of the solder joint to assist in optimum joint formation.

■ SEHO demonstrate new robotic capabilities.

SEHO have a number of customized conveyor and robotic solutions they can offer manufacturers. At SMT/Hybrid/Packaging, they also unveiled a new hybrid wave/selective soldering system on a smaller footprint.

Following the successful launch of the ATOM platform at Productronica 2017, Europlacer have opened a new German office on the outskirts of Frankfurt to handle increasing demand for their pick and place machines and printers.

IBL introduce the Vacuum 745 vapor phase soldering system. Developed to outgas voids in BGAs and other bottom-terminated devices. The board remain in one place within the chamber while it uses vapor phase to bring the board up to peak reflow temperature. The vacuum system is then brought in from the side and evacuates all the air out of the chamber. This novel system can achieve zero voiding when combined with compatible flux chemistries.

Microcare announced the opening of a new UK office in Leeds to support its distribution depot in Birmingham, UK. This is in addition to their expanding capacity in Europe where they manufacture REACH compliant chemistries in Brussels, Belgium.

AIM continues to expand in Europe with manufacturing production in Poland, a full service laboratory and production in Juarez, Mexico and a new factory due to open outside of Shanghai, China.

The YSi SP is Yamaha’s new SPI system. The company has also signed up to the JARA protocol from the Japanese Robotics Association, which enables M2M communication and automatic changeover to improve line efficiency.

The MLD1200 conformal coating inspection system from Modus inspects boards for coverage, splashes and a range of other coating defects. The system also measures coating thickness at all parts of the board by measuring the reflection of the luminescence form the coating.

■ Contact soldering from Rehm Thermal Systems GmbH.

Rehm are one of the most experienced thermal experts in void reduction, offering contact soldering, vapor phase or vacuum in reflow soldering. The company also launched the next level of their Vicon software. Vicon Connect enables operators to link monitor machines across multiple lines and different factory sites.

Viscom used the platform of SMT/Hybrid/Packaging to formally announce the retirement of co-founder Hr. Volker Pape, who will move to the Supervisory board and the introduction of Carsten Salewski as the new Geschaftsfuhrer. Salewski has successfully run Viscom’s US operations for many years and is now relocating back to Germany.

Identco released a 2mm x 2mm label for small board applications. The company offers a wide range of printable labels, as well as the printing services with specialist inks and the accuracy to ensure there are no mistakes or duplicates.

Inline with their animal theme on recent product launches, the Essemtec dispensing system is called Tarantula. The Tarantula has a large 500 x 600mm platform and can accommodate boards up to 1,800mm x 600mm using step and repeat. Fitted with up to three dispense heads, the system can dispense most forms of adhesive, solder and coating materials.

■ Hr. Volker Pape introduces Carsten Salewski as the new President at Viscom AG.

Seica demonstrated the Compact Slim tester. A 300mm wide in-circuit tester that can be used as a manual tester for small shops with the ability to add up to 3 further units and a cobot system to create a fully automatic inline system, with full traceability. Seica also introduced their DragonFly

AOI system which is available as a standalone system or can be integrated into the Firefly selective soldering system for inspection on the fly.
Since the introduction of the dual-head Mycronic MY700 last year, the printer has become a realistic alternative to stencil printing. By operating two systems, balanced and in-tandem it is possible to maintain the same line speed as a stencil printer without the need for stencils and the advantages of z height solder deposits and increased reliability.

■ ASM team give a show roundup.

The Japan Robotics Association announced the release of version 1.0 of the JARA standard for M2M communication. Panasonic was a major stakeholder in the development of this Standard and it integrates seamlessly with the new Panasonic INLB suite.

Mentor gained a strong market position with its well-known design tools and DFM verification tools. Valor added the production process tools to the software suite and now Siemens has rounded out the portfolio with a raft of additional tools addressing box build, materials supply and a fully MES system. For the first time, one company can now offer true DFM, potentially reducing the number of turns a new product makes to Lot size One!

■ Seica launch the new Compact Slim Teste.

More in-depth discussions with customers around process solutions was the big takeaway from the ASM team at SMT/Hybrid/Packaging. Less traffic than Productronica, but more time to discuss customers concenrs around process integration and automation. ASM also launched a new nozzle cleaning system and splicing tool to aid manufacturing uptime.

Name Change

In 2019, SMT/Hybrid/Packaging will have a long-awaited name change to SMTconnect. The show will be held earlier in the calendar on May 7-9th, 2019.



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