Solution competency beyond the standards thanks to modular soldering automation

Inline laser automation with AOI with verify stationThe demands of today’s electronics are becoming ever more complex due to new technologies and materials. Electronic components are supposed to become not just ever more compact and lighter, but also more capable. That these requirements lead to challenges not just on the development side is understandable. The systems in series production too must be able to adapt to on-going development in electronics. Standard production solutions often reach their limits in this context. So the Swabian family business EUTECT GmbH offers solutions beyond the standard in packaging and connection technology in order to master the challenges of today and tomorrow in electronics production.

There’s a common denominator in order to meet the current and future challenges of electronics product: Investment in flexible production steps or in combined production processes within a single machine. ‘It’s exactly these considerations that can lead to being able to quickly and efficiently produce complex products’, as Matthias Fehrenbach, general manager of EUTECT GmbH, knows.

EUTECT GmbH is dedicated to these customer considerations in the area of packaging and connection technology. EUTECT GmbH illustrates the positive consequences that may result from such an investment in production with the development of special solutions in packaging and connection technology and by combining various production processes.

So with their machine developments, EUTECT GmbH enables accomplishment of the most complex soldering tasks, which cannot be completed using standard methods. The most varied soldering processes, kinematic methods, and additional functions can be built into the machines’ chassis as modules here. The machine can thus be tailored to the customer’s product down to the last detail.

Selective soldering automation with AOI und nitrogen generatorIn the process, EUTECT GmbH’s adaptive, regulated soldering processes come into use in the special machines. Individual processes are selected for the customer as part of a project evaluation and are reviewed, evaluated, and described based on quality and soldering results within a machine and process definition. EUTECT GmbH also considers downstream processes within the evaluation.

In addition to different soldering processes, EUTECT GmbH also offers, for instance, the integration of AOI and test systems into the machine cells. Soldering processes represent one of the final production processes in electronics manufacturing. So it is a logical consequence to combine soldering systems with downstream inspection or specific testing systems in order to enable error-free quality control. That’s why for instance after soldering with a miniwave, soldering results can be immediately reviewed in the machine. The process may be repeated in a further verification after the test if needed.

A multitude of benefits for the customer emerge from this:


  • Throughput times are reduced through a combination of the two processes. The reduction of the production costs as well as the increase in production capacity per hour result from this.
  • Two processes can be conducted simultaneously on a small machine area. The production area is thereby efficiently used.
  • Errors can be detected early and quality can be increased through an integrated AOI.
  • AVT processes react adaptively during production due to the integrated control technology and deliver additional data for quality assurance.


‘Entirely in keeping with our motto “We make connections”, we’re in a position to develop solutions for many customer projects. Our customers often come to us with just one drawing or prototype. Based on our experience and expertise, we’re generally able to quickly bring forward a suggestion, which is then elaborated together with the customer’, explains Fehrenbach, and continues: ‘We frequently have electronic components lying on the table in-house that can be built into end products in the distant future. We’re thus actively involved in the product design and in advanced development of the electronics and gladly pass our expertise along to the customer.

EUTECT GmbH can be found at SMT Hybrid Packaging 2016 in Hall A7 at Stand 456.



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