Thermal Management of Electronic Assemblies

Thermal Interface Paste TIP 2792 (left) and Heatsink-Paste HSP 4 A

Higher component densities and the use of high tech components lead to locally high thermal loads, which can quickly exceed the maximum permissabilities of the individual assemblies. This can lead to a failure of the assembly

Printed thermal conductive pastes from the ELPEPCB® Heatsink Paste HSP 4 A series, which distribute the heat on the surface as a heatsink, or thermal interfaces from the ELPEPCB® Thermal Interface Paste TIP 2792 series, which produce a good heat transfer to metal heatsinks, are printed in the desired layout on the pcb surface by the pcb manufacturer.
This comparatively cost-effective process also offers design freedom, the possibility of quick layout changes and process reliability. Alone or in combination, printed thermal pastes and thermal interfaces furthermore offer high electrical insulation. The ELPEPCB® pastes enable new concepts and solutions for thermal management.

Cool Special Coating Brings Colour to the Circuit Board
The most modern Elpemer® solder resist are now also available in the colours red, blue and black. They can be exposed both conventionally and as well with Direct Imaging (DI) process.
After extensive testing, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has certified an ALL COLOR RECOGNITION. With the certification in the classification test UL 94 attests highest safety level V-0 with respect to flammability for the Elpemer® solder resists. The UL product testing is based on the new conditioning, which includes six soldering cycles at 260 °C.  Under these extreme conditions, the behaviour during and after the fire process is analyzed.  Result:  They are self-extinguishing and do not continue to burn after removal of the test flame.
According to this Peters coloured coating systems made in Germany fulfil the current safety requirements. Furthermore, the Elpemer® product series does not contain the harmful photoinitiators types 907 and 369. The user that decides to use a coloured Elpemer® solder resist receives best possible safety in connection to high-tech quality of special coatings.


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