Transition Automation intros holder for Permalex hand squeegee

After making a manual solder paste print with a Permalex hand-held metal squeegee, what do you do with the squeegee? You can’t continue to hold it, and it could make a mess if you put it down on the workbench. Now, Transition Automation Inc., known globally as the innovative creator of Permalex® metal squeegee blades and PrinTEK series benchtop SMT printing machines, announces a simple, neat solution in the Permalex Hand Squeegee Holder.

Made of rugged cast aluminum with a smooth, durable powder coated finish, the holder is perfectly contoured to the squeegee handle, providing secure support. The hand squeegee won’t dislodge or drop if bumped, and soft contact surfaces prevent slippage or damage to the squeegee during loading and unloading. Clearances are designed-in, so that operators can easily load and unload the squeegee into the holder.

The Permalex Hand Squeegee Holder is designed to hold a precision Permalex squeegee in proper orientation to keep the paste stable and in the correct position on the squeegee blade. It helps users maintain a neat printing area, preventing contamination of the solder paste, and surrounding work areas. The cost is $150 USD in stock, with delivery in 3 days or less in North America.

Transition Automation will have the Permalex Hand Squeegee Holder on display at IPC/APEX 2018 from February 27 to March 1, 2018 at the San Diego Convention Center, in Booth #3603.


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