Transtec America to exhibit YAMAHA Productivity Solutions at SMTAI

Transtec America, LLC and Yamaha Motor Corporation USA‘s Intelligent Machinery (IM) Division will exhibit systems and solutions that are part of YAMAHA’s “Total Line Solution” at SMTAI 2018 in Booth #223 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois, October 16-17.

Systems and solutions either shown or represented will include the versatile Z:LEX YSM20R modular mounter, which comes in two models, is based on the one-head solution concept that is free from head replacement and is compatible with wide range of component sizes. In the more advanced Type PV model, the transportation speed in the XY axis has been increased from pickup to placement with a mounting speed of up to 95,000 chips per hour (cph), which is the one of industry’s fastest in the two-beam and two-head class category. Its wide-scan camera has been expanded to 12mm square, significantly improving productivity.

Also shown will be the YCP10 Solder Paste Printer, packed with innovative features for speed, accuracy, and consistent quality. In addition to its standard Solder Paste Roll Volume Detection, its unique adjustable squeegee angle provides optimum aperture fill for the spectrum of PCB assembly challenges. Both features provide an unmatched print consistency throughout the entire production run, regardless of pauses and/or delays in production.

In addition, software demonstrations will be conducted for the YSi-V 3D high-speed inspection system (AOI) machine. In addition to standard 2D AOI functionality, the YSi-V Series machines can be configured for high speed 3D inspection as well. Furthermore, the YSi-V has 4D capability by employing 4 additional off-axis cameras along with its main downward looking camera. With 4D capability, components can be inspected at 5 different angles, increasing object visibility around nearby components. All five images can be later recalled at a repair station for better defect analysis.

For more information, and to see the equipment first-hand, visit booth #223 at the SMTAI 2018 Conference and Exposition


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