Umut Tosun, application technology manager, ZESTRON, to present at APEX 2016

image001ZESTRON, the global provider of high precision cleaning products, services and training solutions in the electronics manufacturing and semiconductor industries, is pleased to announce that Umut Tosun, M.S.Ch.E., Application Technology Manager, ZESTRON, will present “PCB Cleanliness Assessment Methodologies – A Comparative Study” during the Cleanliness and ROHS Testing session on Thursday, March 17th at APEX 2016.

As part of the manufacturing process, components are soldered with both leaded and lead-free No-Clean, RMA, and OA pastes using reflow ovens and/or wave solder systems. Burnt-in flux residues may result on the PCB surface as well as in and around components, which can lead to failure mechanisms such as leakage current, electrochemical migration and dendritic growth and ultimately impact the reliability of the PCB. Once a manufacturer decides to implement a cleaning process, how does one assess its effectiveness?

There are numerous tests that can be implemented to assess PCB cleanliness such as ionic contamination, ion chromatography, and surface insulation resistance (SIR). As there may be a high contamination area within the PCB that may not be detected with standard ion chromatography analysis, a manufacturer may elect to analyze a specific component or part of a PCB by using a localized extraction method coupled with ion chromatography.

In this presentation, Mr. Tosun will review comparative results of PCB cleanliness assessment methodologies including visual inspection, ion chromatography (IC) and SIR analyses using a spray-in-air cleaning process with benchmark parameters. Additionally, IC analysis via localized extraction from several PCB areas will be presented.

For more information about ZESTRON’s process solutions and services, please visit booth #2624. Our team stands ready to provide comprehensive solutions to your cleaning needs.


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