Vacuum Soldering 2.0

The SMT Vacuum Reflow System is a system for improving quality of solder joints. Voids are reduced up to 99% in a vacuum chamber which significantly improves the quality of the soldered product. The System is suitable for PCBs, double sided PCBs, DCB, stamping grid and carrier. The vacuum chamber is placed between the heating and cooling section of an SMT Reflow System. All vacuum parameter are adjustable e.g.: evacuation time, vacuum holding time, ventilation time and vacuum pressure. Those can be comfortably entered via the user-friendly touch-screen.


The optimized transport handover, the cycle time improvement (up to 25 %) and the heavy load transport with optimized profile coating are presented at the system.

Precise nitrogen control by integrated lambda sensor technology and real-time continuous measurements of residual oxygen values allows less nitrogen consumption.

If the vacuum module is set in off-mode the complete system will perform like a standard reflow system but with an expanded heating zone and consequently the capability of increased throughput. It should be taken for granted that the system can also be supplied with a well-proven multi-track transport concept.

Visit us at exhibition IPC Apex 2019 in San Diego, booth #1001 !


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