Vitronics Soltec receives award for catalytic thermal oxidizer technology in reflow soldering system

Ton Colijn, ITW EAE Soldering Solutions Manager, receiving the NPI award from Mike Buetow, Circuits Assembly Editor-in-Chief. The award honors the Vitronic Soltec Catalytic Thermal Oxidizer technology used in the Centurion Reflow Soldering System

ITW EAE’s Vitronics Soltec was honored with a New Product Introduction award during the IPC APEX Expo at the San Diego Convention Center. The award, presented by Circuits Assembly and Printed Circuit Design and Fab, was in recognition of the CATHOX™ Catalytic Thermal Oxidizer used in the Centurion Reflow Soldering System. An independent panel of practicing industry engineers selected the recipients for this 10th annual award for electronics assembly equipment, materials, software, and PCB fabrication.

“We are proud of the CATHOX technology and very pleased that it has received this recognition,” said Ton Colijn, ITW EAE Soldering Solutions Business Manager. “The CATHOX technology significantly reduces maintenance and reduces nitrogen consumption, which increases uptime and reduces cost.”

Reflow exhaust gas typically contains a variety of organic compounds from solder paste, board material, solder mask and components. These volatile organic compounds need to be eliminated. The CATHOX™ Catalytic Thermal Oxidizer is a nanomaterial-based catalyst system. It thermo-chemically decomposes organic materials outgassed from solder paste, bare boards and components. The nanotechnology makes it possible to change the chemical composition at temperatures around 250ºC. In thermal oxidation, organic vapors are converted to carbon dioxide and water.


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