ViTrox Technologies introduces patented optical BGA inspection at SEMICON China

ViTrox TR-2000iViTrox Technologies announced that it will exhibit in Booth #5667 at SEMICON China 2016, scheduled to take place March 15-17, 2016 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre. The highlights of the show will be the TR2000i, VR20 and Vs 3DBGA!

The TR2000i is designed with advanced key technologies to provide high-speed, high accuracy, one-stop vision inspection solutions specially catered for BGA, QFP, QFN, TSSOP, MSOP and SOP packages handled in tray.

TR2000i’s 14 pick-up nozzles enable machine throughput of up to 33K. Dual taper enables two running modes on the same device with 0 time reel change or different devices with 0 time taper conversion. Tri-nozzles pick & place allows faster unit pick-up for higher throughput of up to 18K (tray-to-tape). The three output stack/ tray has one good and two reject trays stacked for multiple binning. The second output track allows auto/ manual unloading to cater for different operation modes.

TR2000i offers three-in-one inspection, including leaded package inspection, ball package inspection and leadless package inspection, which can reduce maintenance costs, as well as mark and package inspection. TR2000i is able to inspect various types of 2D and 3D defects for various package sizes with high-speed, high accuracy and low false call.

ViTrox also will highlight the VR20 Post Seal Vision Handler. It covers multiple vision systems in one machine such as tape seal inspection, mark inspection, package inspection, lead inspection and bottom carrier inspection tape. It caters for a wide range of tape width from 8, 12, 16, 24*, 32* and 44*mm. Another feature of the VR20 Post Seal Vision Handler is its fast changeover with quick and easy tape loading for different packages. Its UPH > 45K (for 4mm pocket pitch), UPH > 40K (8mm pocket pitch) and UPH > 30K (12mm pocket pitch). This unique capability of the multiple vision station maximizes production throughput and inspection options for the semiconductor and LED industry.

Lastly, ViTrox’s 3D BGA system provides unprecedented and patented optical BGA inspection for μBGAs, Flip Chips, CSPs, WLCSPs, Fine Pitch BGAs and FIWLPs, to ascertain solder joint reliability. It provides high accuracy and quality inspection. Additionally, the 3D BGA system supports multi-pitch BGA inspection ranging from sizes 1×1 to 7x7mm. It is conversion free and easy-to-setup.


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