VJ Electronix to give three presentations around rework and X-ray at the PHASE 4, Inc. Arizona Show &Tell Technical Conference

VJ ElectronixVJ Electronix, Inc., the leader in rework technologies and global provider of advanced X-ray inspection systems, today announced plans to participate in the PHASE 4, Inc. Arizona Show & Tell Technical Conference, scheduled to take place August 9-11, 2016 at TechShop in Chandler, AZ. VJ Electronix will give three presentations during the event, in addition to exhibiting the XQuick II with AccuCount Technology.

The first presentation, entitled “XQuik with AccuCount Technology” will elaborate on how the system uses X-ray imaging to quickly and accurately count components stored on tape-and-reel. Reduced counting times yield significant labor cost savings while expediting return of valuable inventory.

VJ Electronix also will present, “Advanced Rework Techniques,” which will explore how new components, both large and small, have created a new set of rework challenges. This presentation will describe new techniques and process tooling developed to address unique thermal management and component handling issues.

The third presentation entitled, “Evolution of X-ray Inspection in the Electronics Industry,” will decribe why X-ray inspection has become a more important step in process and quality control. Significant advances in technology have lead to a variety of techniques used on the production floor as well as the failure analysis lab.



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