YAMAHA IM GM Scott Zerkle to speak at America’s Manufacturing Talent & Innovation Summit (AMTIS16) in Chicago April 7 – 8

Scott Zerkle YAMAHA IMScott Zerkle, PMP, General Manager at Yamaha IM America, Inc. will speak at America’s Manufacturing Talent & Innovation Summit (AMTIS16), taking place in Chicago, on April 7-8, 2016. This event brings together top-level representatives of major manufacturing players who shape the ongoing U.S. Manufacturing Renaissance.

Scott’s presentation will address how innovation in manufacturing and process variations took Yamaha from pianos to motorcycles, propellers, and on to robots and surface mount (SMT) electronics assembly machines.  Topics and questions explored will include the following:


  • What if manufacturers could choose to build products that their processes and knowledge are best suited for?
  • How manufacturing innovation and process variations took Yamaha from organs and pianos to electronics assembly machines;
  • Exploring Intelligent Machinery (IM) and future manufacturing growth drivers;
  • Sharing how metallurgical expertise, manufacturing innovation and process variations can lead to success.

Scott is a seasoned business professional and expert in industrial automation and surface mount technology, and a PMP Certified Technical Trainer. His areas of specialization include Project Management, Training, Applications, and Programming of Surface Mount equipment.

The Manufacturing Summit AMTIS16 brings together top representative of major manufacturing players shaping the future of manufacturing.  This event brings together the most influential manufacturing employers and educators to address recruiting redesign, workforce development, critical skill transfer and continuous innovation, and will also host the tactical and strategic leaders involved in manufacturing IT trendsetter projects and game changing innovations.  The mission of this Summit is to help recharge the U.S. manufacturing prowess and accelerate its own economic growth. For more information visit:  http://fleming.events/en/events/landing-page/it/manufacturing-it-innovation-summit.


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