Yamaha introduces fast and flexible new mounter and inspection system to European manufacturers at SMT Hybrid Packaging 2016

Yamaha Motor IM Europe at SMT 2016_1Z:LEX mounter for large boards and high-speed YSi-V 12M TypeHS inspection system unveiled

Yamaha Motor Intelligent Machines has revealed its recently-launched Z:LEX YSM20W wide-body mounter and YSi-V 12M TypeHS high-speed inspection system to the acclaim of visitors at SMT Hybrid Packaging 2016 in Nuremberg.

By accepting large and heavy boards up to 810mm x 742mm and 10kg, the Z:LEX YSM20W mounter extends Yamaha’s High-Efficiency Modular concept to address emerging opportunities in sectors such as LED lighting, digital signage, renewable energy and automotive electrification. The machine has 80,000 cph maximum placement speed and works with Yamaha High-speed Multi (HM) and Flexible Multi (FM) mounter heads to place components from 03015 to 55mm x 55mm and 28mm high. Dual-lane capability 2x W356mm gives owners extra flexibility to maximize throughput and support high-mix assembly.

“As major markets demand ever-more technically advanced solutions, manufacturers with the right capabilities can take advantage of the new high-value opportunities now emerging,” said Mr. Ichiro Arimoto, General Manager Yamaha Motor Im Europe. “The extended capabilities of Z:LEX YSM20W enable assemblers to deliver confidently, within tight timeframes, and to the highest quality standards.”

Also making its European debut in Nuremberg this week, the YSi-V 12M TypeHS three-dimension inspection system is the new flagship of Yamaha’s AOI range. With advances such as faster projector response for 3D joint inspection, as well as increased image-processing capability, the new 12Mpixel system has 25% faster 3D-inspection tact than the current YSi-V 12M TypeS. Like all Yamaha’s YSi-V systems, the new YSi-V 12M TypeHS performs high-speed, high-resolution two-dimensional inspections, height and inclined-surface three-dimensional inspections, and four-directional inclined-image inspections, with multiple single-wavelength lighting modes that enhance defect detection.

“Our YSi-V family now offers six underlying system configurations, giving a choice of tact, resolution, and 5Mpixel or 12Mpixel cameras,” commented Mr. Arimoto. “These versatile options enable a broad spectrum of manufacturers to benefit from all-item inline visual inspection, with the opportunity to enhance quality control using our QA Option real-time diagnostics or the latest iProDB inspection history management software.”

iProDB, also revealed for the first time in Europe at SMT Hybrid Packaging, stores and analyses inspection results to assess the status of Yamaha equipment such as printer and mounters in the line, and helps identify opportunities to raise quality through process optimisation and improvements to product design. iProDB is available free of charge to owners of any YSi-V system.

The newly launched equipment extends Yamaha’s full-line solutions portfolio comprising printers, dispensers, mounters, odd-form assemblers, optical and X-ray 3D inspection systems, advanced robotic assemblers, programming and monitoring software, and a large selection of productivity boosters such as self-calibrating auto-load feeders, stacked-stick feeders, and mobile apps that send alerts such as parts remaining and beacon status to operators anywhere on the network.

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