Yamaha’s Total Line Solution was the focus at Automaticon 2016 Show

Yamaha at Automaticon2016

Yamaha’s Total Line Solution at Automaticon 2016

Yamaha Motors IM Europe and its partner Renex participated successfully at the Automaticon show in Warsaw in Poland where the visitors acknowledged the benefits of the best in class Yamaha’s machines. Yamaha Motor IM offered the opportunity to all visitors to experience live demonstration of our high quality machines and to get onsite detailed product information.
The positive interaction between Yamaha and Renex management and engineers and the interested show visitors was highly perceptible. Yamaha’s visitors experienced the advantages of the Yamaha only true Total Line Solution as a supplier offering a complete line solution, founded on a common hardware platform and running on a unified software environment.

Yamaha’s total Line Solution was a unique highlight featuring the YCP10 screen printer, the YSM20 mounter and the YSi-V inspection machine on the booth. Yamaha high quality equipment played a vital role in showcasing full technological solutions suitable to the customers’ needs. Enthusiastic and interested visitors appreciated the features as flexibility, performance and accuracy of Yamaha’s machines.

Yamaha Motor IM Europe and Renex got advantage of a very productive and exciting exhibition that further strengthened the relationship with the existing customers and brought very valuable new contacts.



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