YJ LINK will demonstrate SMT’s latest core equipment at booth number A2, 330 – Productronica.

110, Secheon-ro 1-gil, Dasa-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, 711-817 Korea

YJ LINK joins Productronica Germany 2017. We will demonstrate SMT’s latest core equipment to customers at booth number A2, 330 from November 14th to 17th.

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Smart Conveyor Line

Focusing on the fourth industrial revolution, the YJ LINK Smart Line consists of a Complex Loader – Link – Work – NG Buffer – Shuttle Unloader. In particular, by integrating YJ’s proprietary embedded system into its line, it can provide solutions to customers who want to build a true smart-line factory. In addition, we will demonstrate how AGVs are linked with Shuttle Unloader to exchange magazine racks. Customers will be able to identify and consult YJ’s Smart Line concept directly.


Laser Marking Machine and Scanning Conveyor

  • By introducing the full-option 400 series laser, it is possible to apply various functions such as fiducials and marking grades.
  • Performance that ensures compact and fast cycle time.
  • Scanning Conveyor can be linked with laser to make a separate scanning zone. At the same time, the Scanning Conveyor can be used in conjunction with equipment for marking / attaching bar codes.



  • Equipment for cutting through the external shape of PCB. Demonstrate the routing of the freeform shape of the PCB by rotating the drill bit at high speed
  • Maximize productivity by reducing work time with two spindle configurations. One spindle configuration can handle small volume.
  • Safe design and easy maintenance for operators

Visual Inspection Buffer

  • 2D AOI cannot accurately inspect PCBs. A re-test requires a magnifying glass, microscope, or additional support unit. However, this tester adopted a vision checker and displays the problematic parts 360 degrees in real time.

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3D VISUAL Inspection

  • Real 3D display allows accurate & prompt inspection
  • Real-time monitoring


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PCB Damage Prevention

  • Physical &Electric damage prevention byintegrating withNG BUFFER



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Remote Control

  • One engineer can handle multiple lines



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Error Data Managing

  • Error Data history managed separately by 3D display
  • Data saved
  • Linked withBarcodes



  • Rack + Conveyor structure
  • 10PCB’s storage(±35mm/70pitch)
  • Separately driven buffer conveyors
    By pass / NG stocking (Good/NG Portion in buffer adjustable)
  • Up/down-2layers structure in conveyor partManual width adjustment
  • Full Safety cover
  • LED tower light (with Buzzer)
  • Touch screen(1ea)
  • Emergency switch(each 1ea at front/rear)
  • SMEMA cable(1ea)
  • Double plate structure
  • CE Certified


  • 15PCB’s stacked available (±25mm/50pitch)
  • 20PCB’s stacked available (±17mm/34pitch)
  • Sensors in rack
  • Auto width adjustment
  • RS-485Communication
  • Speed controller in Aux. conveyor
  • ESD powder coat

The concept of booth design this year is Smart Line & AGV, Development of Laser and Router, Micom, Hermes and other innovations. We are planning aggressive marketing along with lots of video materials and professional presenters.

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