ZEISS showcases powerful microscopes ideal for electronics manufacturing at IPC APEX EXPO 2017

Visit Booth #701 to see industry-leading equipment for materials microscopy and quality assurance

ZEISS announces it will be showcasing powerful and flexible stereo and digital microscopes for electronics manufacturing applications at IPC APEX EXPO 2017, February 14-16, 2017, San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA, Booth # 701. On display will be ZEISS Axio Vert.A1 inverted routine microscope for materials, ZEISS Primotech POL polarization microscope, and ZEISS Stemi 508 stereo microscope for industrial routine tasks. ZEISS will also be running videos demonstrating the advantages of ZEISS Crossbeam electron microscopes and ZEISS Xradia 520 Versa 3D X-ray microscopes.

ZEISS Axio Vert.A1, an inverted routine microscope for materials, allows researchers to examine large, heavy samples, using a wide range of classic and advanced contrast methods. Users can switch easily among brightfield, darkfield, DIC, C-DIC, fluorescence and polarization contrast in reflected light. In transmitted light, use brightfield, polarization and phase contrast. Or, combine several contrast methods for the maximum amount of information.

Visitors to the booth can also see ZEISS Primotech POL polarization microscope, a wireless-controlled easy to use imaging solution with an attractive price-to-performance ratio. Primotech is designed for use on thick, opaque materials samples and is ideal for examining thin to thick metallographic samples to analyze grains, and for multiphase analysis. Users can build a wireless network, connecting and accessing multiple microscopes with the ZEISS Matscope imaging app, which offers an efficient and smooth workflow from image acquisition, through analysis and reporting.
Also on display is ZEISS Stemi 508, a quality stereo microscope with mechanics and optics designed for the heavy workloads of everyday lab work and industrial inspections. With apochromatic optics, Stemi 508 displays samples with rich detail, in sharp focus, and free from distortion or color fringes. The large 8:1 zoom enables users to get an overview within a 35 mm object field, and then bring the detail up to 50x magnification with impressive stereoscopic image contrast.

Drop by the booth to view videos highlighting ZEISS Crossbeam focused ion beam scanning electron microscopes for speeding up nanotomography and nanofabrication applications, and ZEISS Xradia 520 Versa 3D X-ray microscopes, which offer submicron imaging that expands the boundaries of non-destructive imaging for breakthrough flexibility.


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