Applications of digital radio frequency memory (DRFM) technology in electronic warfare (EW)

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Duration: Approximately one hour.
Presented by: Dave Adamy, Expert in electronic warfare, Journal of Electronic Defense

There’s much more to electronic warfare (EW) today than simply detecting an enemy RF transmission and overwhelming it with a more powerful signal. Modern EW systems are blending RF and microwave technology with high-performance digital signal processing to detect frequency-hopping radars, create active RF decoys, and to safeguard communications and radar from enemy jamming. DRFM technology, moreover, can spoof enemy radar by transmitting false targets false target sizes, and false target speeds. DRFM has several features. First, it provides coherent time delay of RF signals, and produces coherent deception jamming to a radar system by replaying a captured radar pulse with a small delay, which makes the target appear to move. DRFM also can modulate captured pulse data in amplitude, frequency, and phase to provide other affects. A Doppler shift correlates range and range rate trackers in the radar. DRFM also can replay captured radar pulses many times to fool the radar into perceiving many targets.

Noted EW expert Dave Adamy of Lynx Publishing in Atwater, Calif., will discuss applications of DRFM technology in electronic warfare systems, as well as enabling technologies, in this hour-long Webcast at 1 p.m. eastern time (noon central) on 31 Jan. 2017. This Webcast will be of particular interest to engineers, engineering managers, and program managers involved with radar, communications, and electronic warfare systems for military applications.

John Keller, editor-in-chief of Military & Aerospace Electronics Magazine will moderate this event sponsored by National Instruments, Mercury Systems, and Abaco Systems.

Presented by:
Dave Adamy Expert in electronic warfare Journal of Electronic Defense Dave-Adamy-120x160
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