Georgia Cleaning and Reliability Workshop – The all-day workshop is offered free

September 28, 2016 – CORONA CALIFORNIA Aqueous Technologies has teamed up with its industry partners to produce the Georgia Cleaning and Reliability Workshop. The Cleaning and Reliability Workshop presents multiple reliability-based topics including electronic assembly best practices for cleaning processes and materials, cleanliness assessment (how clean is clean?), conformal coating, pallets and fixtures, and more, all in a non-commercial environment. This workshop features industry experts and provides valuable and technically relevant information designed to improve reliability.

The following speakers are scheduled to present. Mike Konrad – Aqueous Technologies, Debbie Carboni – Kyzen, Jon Urquhart – PVA, and David F. Duke – Stone Mountain Tool.

The all-day workshop is offered free of charge and includes breakfast and lunch. Registration is free and seating is limited.

Additional information and event registration is available here:


1678 N. Maple Street Corona, CA 92880 USA
+1 (951) 298-8800
Fax +1 (951) 298-8850


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