SCS Sr. Medical Market Specialist to Host ‘Conformal Coatings for Tomorrow’s Medical Technologies’ Webinar

Specialty Coating Systems (SCS) is pleased to announce that Sr. Medical Market Specialist Dick Molin will host a webinar on Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2016. The webinar, entitled, “Conformal Coatings for Tomorrow’s Medical Technologies,” will discuss the chemistry and use of Parylene coatings, and how they differentiate themselves across the medical market. Registration for the webinar is now open at SCS Dick Molin

Many of today’s advanced medical technologies rely on surface modification to enhance electrical properties, alter physical properties (e.g., coefficient of friction, strength, etc.), and/or provide chemical, moisture and fluid barrier properties. Additionally, substrates may require modification to render the device biocompatible. For more than three decades, Parylene coatings have benefited countless FDA-approved devices, meeting these challenges by providing a completely conformal coating that is ultra-thin, transparent and fully biocompatible.

While critical performance characteristics of coatings are the most scrutinized, often overlooked is the importance of the coating’s adhesion to the part. Understanding and addressing adhesion issues is critical for any medical device manufacturer, but especially so for those that manufacture implantables and electronics. In this webinar, Molin will provide an overview of adhesion challenges and mechanisms, and discuss adhesion as it relates to Parylene coatings, including its measurement, enhancement and adhesion promotion options for hard-to-coat substrates and high temperature applications.

For more information about SCS and how Parylene conformal coatings can protect your advanced technologies, contact SCS at +1.317.244.1200 or visit


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