Webinar: Solderability Benchmarking, Failures & Testing Methods

August 14 @ 2:30 pm4:00 pm | £65


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Benchmarking you PCB surface finish or the impact of baking boards or components can be simple in production and the laboratory. Long term solderability of component terminations and printed circuit boards is fundamental in modern assembly processes. This is all practical experience not just theory for the presenters countless studies in industry. Understanding how to conduct simple shop floor assessment of components or using laboratory test methods will be discussed along with artificially age coatings to simulate their useful life. Solderability can impact yield and reliability and making sure engineers understand the test methods onsite, or when subcontracting you’re testing to a laboratory, is key to ascertaining the correct root cause of your process problem.

The webinar will last approximately 60-90mins including a question and answer session for your process problems. If you have a specific process problems with reflow send it to Bob to include in the webinar

Presented by Bob Willis

Topics covered:

  • Test specifications
  • Test methods
  • Selecting the best procedure
  • Ageing samples
  • Assessment of results
  • Solderability failures

The webinar material includes slides from the event, solderability testing wall charts and design files for solderability test board to use in your factory


Date: August 14
Time: 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm
Cost: £65
Venue: Online Webinar in United Kingdom
Organiser: Bob Willis

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