ZESTRON Academy Training Online: Monitoring and Controlling Cleaning Processes, May 12

E16-07E-ZESTRON-Academy-Training-Online-Monitoring-and-Controlling-Cleaning-ProcessesContinuous monitoring and control of cleaning processes is essential in order to prevent white residue and ionic contamination, optimize the bond adhesion as well as climate and coating reliability.

In this 45 minutes webinar, the participants will learn how to efficiently monitor or control their cleaning processes and cleaning bath using various automatic and manual methods and therefore ensure the best possible quality whilst keeping costs low.

The webinar is scheduled for May 12 at 10 a.m. (CET) and includes a questions and answers session. Participants will also receive an abstract of the presentation after the webinar.

Additional information as well as the registration form can be found at www.zestron.com/en/zestron-academy/upcoming-events


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